General Information


Full name: Fudbalski Savez Republike Srpske

Abbreviation: FS RS

Established: September the 5th, 1992.

President: Mile Kovačević

Secretary-General: Rodoljub Petković

HQ Address: Aleja Svetog Save - Blok D, 78000 Banja Luka 

History & International Recognition

Football Association of Republika Srpska (FS RS) was established on September the 5th, 1992 by the Government of Republika Srpska, in spite of war in Bosnia&Herzegovina which had escalated earlier that year. Main task of FS RS in that period was to organize and manage competitions on territory of Republika Srpska. The competitions were played in different league format throughout the wartime.

In 1995, the First league of Republika Srpska (Prva liga Republike Srpske) was established as top division clubs competition. Also, there was formed a cup tournament called Kup FS RS, or also known as Kup Republike Srpske. Meanwhile, separate leagues were formed in other parts of Bosnia&Herzegovina which gattered Croatian and Bosniak football association clubs in the country.  After the war conflict ended,  the Football Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina, FSBiH, created to represent all three organisations, was recognised by the world football governing body FIFA in 1996 and UEFA in 1998. As the Bosniak football federation was the only one to join, its clubs alone were allowed to compete internationally and contest the newly formed Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Faced with a fact that clubs from Republika Srpska weren't been allowed to take a part in international competitions, FS RS decided to join FSBiH, on May the 23rd, 2002. After that, part of top ranked clubs from First League has been promoted to Premier League which started on August the 4th the same year.

Although, The General Framework for Peace in Bosnia&Herzegovina, agreement that ended war conflict in the country, allowed in general forming independent sport organizations of Republika Srpska which would be recognized internationally, FIFA and UEFA allowed FS RS to participate on international scene only as a part of FSBiH. However, possibility for international friendly matches for national team  of Republika Srpska has left open, but with explicite permission of FIFA. National team of Republika Srpska had its international debut in 2000 against Greek Kavala which won 6:0. After that, only two matches were played. In 2001, in Germany, there were two matches against selected teams of Bayern (lost by 0:1) and Schweinfurt 05 (won by 4:2). There was no international matches after that, despite to few attempts for arranged matches with national squads of other countries, which were stopped by FIFA. On other hand, U-21 squad of Republika Srpska is taking participation in international friendly tournaments every year.

Administration & Contacts

For all your inquires, please don't hesitate to contact us using the contact details stated below, or using our Contact form on the website.


Mile Kovačević
Tel. +387 51 814 808,


Milorad Sofrenić, Đorđe Vučinić

Secretary General:

Rodoljub Petković
Tel. +387 51 230 440,

Technical Department/General Contact Address:

Tel. +387 51 230 430,

Sector Management CEO:

Goran Ćejić,

Tel. +387 51 217 266,

Competition and PR Manager:

Dejan Todorić,

Tel. +387 51 230 430,

Coordinator of Youth Football Selections:

Zoran Vujat,

тел. +387 63 791 502, e-mail:

Referee Appointments Manager:

Nedeljko Šolak

+387 51 218 503,

Web Administration:

Darko Kojić,


Structure of Competitions

FS RS is administrating two top level divisions in Republika Srpska, as well as two levels of Futsal Leagues of FS RS and Women Football League. Lower divisions are under management of regional associations, members of FS RS.

First League of FS RS
Second League group "West" Second League group "East"
Regional League group "West" Regional League group "Center" Regional League group "East" Regional League group "South"
Lower ranks of competitions are managed by Regional Football Associations

There are more than 300 football clubs, members of FS RS which are competing in more than 30 different leagues, making the total number of registered football players over 20,000.

Regional Organisations & Contacts


78000 Bаnjа Lukа,
Vlаdike Plаtonа 6
President: Drаško Ilić
Secretary General: Milаn Vuksаn
Tel/fаx: 051/312-530


79101 Prijedor,
Krаljа Aleksаndrа 33
President: Mile Mаndić
Secretary General: Emilijа Mаksimović
Tel/fаx: 052/234-433, E-mail:


78400 Grаdiškа,
Vidovdаnskа bb
President: Drаgišа Sаvić
Secretary General: Đorđe Stаrčević
Tel/fаx: 051/815-066, E-mail:


74000 Doboj,
Krаljа Aleksаndrа 56
President: Zorаn Ćurguz
Secretary General: Ljubišа Tripunović
Tel/fаx: 053/206-580, 206-581, E-mail:


76300 Bijeljinа,
Bаlkаnskа bb
President: Slobodаn Đorđić
Secretary General: Suzаnа Milinković
Tel/fаx: 055/201-947, E-mail:


71123 Istočno Sаrаjevo,
Jovаnа Rаškovićа 16
President: Milorаd O. Lаle
Secretary General: LJiljаnа Sudžukа
Tel/fаx: 057/342-822, E-mail:


89101 Trebinje,
Stаdion "Bregovi" bb
President: Andrijа Lečić
Secretary General: Vlаdo Komlen
Tel/fаx: 059/225-032